Circus show

Durée: 50 min

APESAR is a circus show performed by Tom Prôneur (FR) and Alluana Ribeiro (BR).  With a touch of magic, comedy and dance, they interpret an old couple who has been together for a long time.  Despite all the happenings - their routine,  their dreams, their catastrophes - they remain together, and a fantastic univers is created. 

After a long time committed to one another,  they had their daily life invaded by their imagination. As they faced themselves with a fantasy world, they  forgot how to behave normally and developed an acrobatic body.  Juggling is dynamic and precise, pushed to madness, and the swinging pole imposes a rhythm sometimes oppressive, sometimes liberating.  However it is there to remind that time passes and in spite of it, the show must go on…  The circus technics presented in the show are swinging pole, hand stands, juggling and acrobatics.   


APESAR  is sponsored by the Pôle National des Arts du Cirque Méditerranée (Théâtre Europe/ CREAC - Marseille) and  le Conséil Général du Var.