on the street! 


25 min Circus show





In the gardens of an old house from the 18th centuryn two caracters forgotten by the History. Despite all the happennings- their routine, their laughs, their dreams, their catastrophes - they remain together, and a fantastic univers is created.


The circus technics presented in the show are hand stands, juggling, acrobatics and aerial hoop*.  



* OPTION: If the venue doesn't have an aerial structure for the aerial technique, a version of the show without it is also avaiable.   



Technical needs:


- Stage dimensions : 5m x 5m minimum

- 1 table dimensions about 1.70mX0.70mX0.75m)

- 2 chairs

- 1 sound system

- Lights if night performance


- *OPTION : 1 hanging point - 5m high  (aerial structure, tree, crane )